Touring plan

A new year has started with concerts, recordings and teaching at ERIC SAHLSTRÖM INSTITUTET and Musiklinjen Kapellsberg. A lot of things and fun, hope to see you somewhere!
25 jan AER Stallet, Stockholm 
2 febr AER Bergs kyrka, Svenstavik 
3 febr AER Trondheim folk
14 febr Bodén, Ek & Roswall Allégården, Göteborg
15 febr Bodén, Ek & Roswall Eric Sahlström Institutet, Tobo
22 febr AER Umefolk
22 febr gäst med Bodén & Sandén Umefolk
29 febr Bodén, Ek & Roswall Solheims Pensjonat, Røros 
2 mars Bodén, Ek & Roswall Columbi Egg, Bergen
3 mars Bodén, Ek & Roswall Jaunsen Gjestgjevarstad, 
4 mars Bodén, Ek & Roswall Raulandsakademiet
3 april AER Picchus musikcafé Upplands Väsby
8 april AER E Street, Sundsvall
12 april AER Kolåsens kapell
23 april Carr & Roswall EPTU V-dala, Uppsala
24 april Ralsgård & Tullberg kvartett Skeppis, Stockholm
25 april Ralsgård & Tullberg kvartett Folkmusik i Linköping
2 maj Marine & Roswall Stallet, Stockholm
9 maj Marine & Roswall Härnösands folkhögskola
16 maj Folkmusikmässa Selånger kyrka


So it’s autumn again. The summer has been fantastic, both work and holiday. But now I’m looking forward to start everything again; teaching at ERIC SAHLSTRÖM INSTITUTET and Musiklinjen Kapellsberg with two wonderful new classes; Ahlberg, Ek & Roswall will play at WOMEX in Tampere, I and Mia Marin are going to Oslo and FOLKELARM and I have a lot of nice gigs to play with my different groups. 
Have a look in the calendar, I’ll update it now and then.
It starts this weekend with Ralsgård & Tullberg quartet at Malmö Folk and then UNGA Musik i Syds new spelmanslag. Hope to see you somewhere!

Summer 2019

Here is the summer concerts and workshops! More info in the calendar.

1 June Carr & Roswall, Rimbostämman
1 June Dance workshop with Anton Schneider, Rimbostämman
7 June Ralsgård & Tullberg kvartett, Ransätersstämman
7 June with Ulrika Bodén, Sofia Sandén and Patrik Grundström, Ransätersstämman
8 June Drop in audition for Kapells, Ransätersstämman
8 june ESI at Ransäterstämman
14 June Concert with students and teachers from Kapellsberg
18 June Summar course, Härnösands folkhögskola
4 July Carr & Roswall, Lerbäcks kyrka
11 July AER with Ulrika Bodén, Ovikenveckan
12 July Carr & Roswall, Kallmyr Godtemplarhus
17-19 July Playing together course, Folkrot
18 July Carr & Roswall, Smedstorp kyrka
19 July Nyckelharp aworkshop, Folkrot
19 July Opening concert, Folkrot
20 July Carr & Roswall, Folkrot
20 July Ralsgård & Tullberg kvartett, Hjärnarp
27 July Ahlberg, Ek & Roswall, Privat
10 Aug AER with Ulrika Bodén, Härnösand


2019 started with rehearsals and recordings with Ralsgård & Tullberg Quartet.
It was a really fun week with music, table hockey and good lunches at Ingelsta Kalkon.
The recording took place in Kverrestad’s bygdegård, a little extra fun for me who comes from the village.
Then I went straight to Växjö and played at Valshusets Knutsdans with Mia Marin.
Now I look forward to an equally nice continuation in the spring, there will be a lot of teaching at ESI and Kapells, concerts with AER and Ian Carr and some other fun.
So far, this is nailed, but more comes:
12 of Jan Marin & Roswall, Valshuset, Växjö
18 of Jan Carr & Roswall, Celtic Connections, Glasgow
18 of Jan Carr & Roswall, BBC Music Planet, Glasgow
31 of Jan ESI-personalen, Tobotorsdag at ESI
2 of Febr Carr & Roswall, Värstaborg, Sundsvall
16 of Febr Carr & Roswall, Sunne danshus
27 of April AER, Sveateatern, Sundsvall
9 of May Carr & Roswall, Gävle konserthus
11 of May Carr & Roswall, Umeå folkmusikförening

New video with AER!

Ahlberg, Ek & Roswall has been visiting Nevo Sessions. The result was this nice video,
filmed by Roger Bergsten.

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