Well, no concerts and not much else for that matter either.But at least the hair grows. Of course, it will not be much of a tour plan to release this spring. But Ranarim will play at Umefolk’s digital festival on February 26 and we are also trying to book the concerts that were canceled last autumn. Hopefully we’ll be able to do them by the end of spring. The teaching at Kapells in Härnösand and ESI in Tobo takes place at a distance now and it is actually going quite well, we have learned gradually and found good methods. It’s time to apply to both schools soon and I really highly recommend both. They have a slightly different profile and focus, so look at each website to find the one that suits you best or contact me. Folk on!

Touring plan

A new year has started with concerts, recordings and teaching at ERIC SAHLSTRÖM INSTITUTET and Musiklinjen Kapellsberg. A lot of things and fun, hope to see you somewhere!
25 jan AER Stallet, Stockholm 
2 febr AER Bergs kyrka, Svenstavik 
3 febr AER Trondheim folk
14 febr Bodén, Ek & Roswall Allégården, Göteborg
15 febr Bodén, Ek & Roswall Eric Sahlström Institutet, Tobo
22 febr AER Umefolk
22 febr gäst med Bodén & Sandén Umefolk
29 febr Bodén, Ek & Roswall Solheims Pensjonat, Røros 
2 mars Bodén, Ek & Roswall Columbi Egg, Bergen
3 mars Bodén, Ek & Roswall Jaunsen Gjestgjevarstad, 
4 mars Bodén, Ek & Roswall Raulandsakademiet
3 april AER Picchus musikcafé Upplands Väsby
8 april AER E Street, Sundsvall
12 april AER Kolåsens kapell
23 april Carr & Roswall EPTU V-dala, Uppsala
24 april Ralsgård & Tullberg kvartett Skeppis, Stockholm
25 april Ralsgård & Tullberg kvartett Folkmusik i Linköping
2 maj Marine & Roswall Stallet, Stockholm
9 maj Marine & Roswall Härnösands folkhögskola
16 maj Folkmusikmässa Selånger kyrka


So it’s autumn again. The summer has been fantastic, both work and holiday. But now I’m looking forward to start everything again; teaching at ERIC SAHLSTRÖM INSTITUTET and Musiklinjen Kapellsberg with two wonderful new classes; Ahlberg, Ek & Roswall will play at WOMEX in Tampere, I and Mia Marin are going to Oslo and FOLKELARM and I have a lot of nice gigs to play with my different groups. 
Have a look in the calendar, I’ll update it now and then.
It starts this weekend with Ralsgård & Tullberg quartet at Malmö Folk and then UNGA Musik i Syds new spelmanslag. Hope to see you somewhere!

Summer 2019

Here is the summer concerts and workshops! More info in the calendar.

1 June Carr & Roswall, Rimbostämman
1 June Dance workshop with Anton Schneider, Rimbostämman
7 June Ralsgård & Tullberg kvartett, Ransätersstämman
7 June with Ulrika Bodén, Sofia Sandén and Patrik Grundström, Ransätersstämman
8 June Drop in audition for Kapells, Ransätersstämman
8 june ESI at Ransäterstämman
14 June Concert with students and teachers from Kapellsberg
18 June Summar course, Härnösands folkhögskola
4 July Carr & Roswall, Lerbäcks kyrka
11 July AER with Ulrika Bodén, Ovikenveckan
12 July Carr & Roswall, Kallmyr Godtemplarhus
17-19 July Playing together course, Folkrot
18 July Carr & Roswall, Smedstorp kyrka
19 July Nyckelharp aworkshop, Folkrot
19 July Opening concert, Folkrot
20 July Carr & Roswall, Folkrot
20 July Ralsgård & Tullberg kvartett, Hjärnarp
27 July Ahlberg, Ek & Roswall, Privat
10 Aug AER with Ulrika Bodén, Härnösand


2019 started with rehearsals and recordings with Ralsgård & Tullberg Quartet.
It was a really fun week with music, table hockey and good lunches at Ingelsta Kalkon.
The recording took place in Kverrestad’s bygdegård, a little extra fun for me who comes from the village.
Then I went straight to Växjö and played at Valshusets Knutsdans with Mia Marin.
Now I look forward to an equally nice continuation in the spring, there will be a lot of teaching at ESI and Kapells, concerts with AER and Ian Carr and some other fun.
So far, this is nailed, but more comes:
12 of Jan Marin & Roswall, Valshuset, Växjö
18 of Jan Carr & Roswall, Celtic Connections, Glasgow
18 of Jan Carr & Roswall, BBC Music Planet, Glasgow
31 of Jan ESI-personalen, Tobotorsdag at ESI
2 of Febr Carr & Roswall, Värstaborg, Sundsvall
16 of Febr Carr & Roswall, Sunne danshus
27 of April AER, Sveateatern, Sundsvall
9 of May Carr & Roswall, Gävle konserthus
11 of May Carr & Roswall, Umeå folkmusikförening