Autumn 2018

Now an exciting autumn begins!
Ian Carr and I will finally record and release a new CD, Jens Comén and I’ll start up Kverrestad-Mörsil again, Ralsgård & Tullberg quartet rehearse before recording and will test the tunes at a concert, Mia Marin and I will play concert and dance and of course there will be a lot of concerts with AER and at Pitefolk we will play our program with Ulrika Bodén.
I will also teach, both as usual at the Eric Sahlström Institutet i Tobo but also at the newly started folk music education at Kapellsberg in Härnösand.
Hope to see you and keep an eye open, there will be more concerts in the calendar eventually!
Ahlberg, Ek & Roswall
7-9 september workshop Nordic Soundscapes, Åre
8 september concert Nordic Soundscapes, Åre
9-10 november Folkelarm, Oslo
11 november Kristinehamns kyrka
21 november Örnsköldsviks folkmusikförening
24 november Pitefolk (with Ulrika Bodén)
Carr & Roswall
27 okt release; workshop and concert, Oktoberstämman, Uppsala
2 nov Nordic Harp Meeting, Lund
Kverrestad-Mörsil (duo with Jens Comén)
7 sept Nordic Soundscapes, Åre
Mia Marin & Niklas Roswall
29 sept Linköpings folkmusikförening

Ralsgård Tullberg quartet
19 oktober Viva, Lund.