Summary autumn 2015 and some things happening spring 2016.


It was a very nice autumn with lots of travel and fun concerts! Ahlberg, Ek & Roswall released their new album, and we played a lot in Sweden, Norway and Japan. In Japan, we were a part of the project Sweden All Stars and as always it was a fantastic experience in every way. I have also had time to play with Ralsgård & Tullberg quartet, the St. Olav show as well as some other temporary projects and solo gigs.

Now comes an exciting spring, first of all, AER step in as guests at a CD recording. Later this spring we will tour in Denmark, Germany and Sweden, of course. In Sweden we will tour for the Smålands Musik och teater, 8 concerts in the Jönköping area. I also look forward to some more gigs with Ralsgård & Tullberg quartet in May. Besides this, there is a lot else going on, both as a soloist and in groups, so keep your eyes and ears open!